Sunday, 5 February 2012

It's Snowday today !!!!!!!!

Image is a free download from Saturated Canary.
  Just like many of you, I have snow overnight. Without sounding like a grumpy old lady ..I don't like it since I slipped last year & ended up in A&E with suspected fractured cheek { lucky it wasn't, but ended up looking like Frank Bruno,and felt very fragile for a few weeks }. Hope you are all well & keeping busy, I've had  a busy weekend so far with Romeo & Juliette , ballet at the theatre {lovely }, and our 1st ENM appearance of the year at Potters where they do the bowls from { a lush place to holiday }. Hera are 2 cards I've made this week, hope you like.                   

  Our re~enactment group The East Norfolk Militia