Thursday, 10 May 2012

Quotes ...the first thing that comes to mind is " Always look on the bright side of life", from the film The life of Brian. This blog prompt makes me want to use more quotations in my scrapbooking.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hoveton Hall 2011 - The East Norfolk Militia

Hoveton Hall 2011 - The East Norfolk Militia

You can tell I don't know what I'm doing !  I was on our web site & a button said send to ... so to see what happened I just had to do it and hey presto it's on here now !!!!!!!!!!!!! I suppose it's the only way to learn, by making mistakes. I must learn not to press anything until I know what it does.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hello again, and todays blog is about the book I am reading at the moment. This is wierd because until the weekend, I hadn't read a book since Christmas { too busy}! Then I bought this book from a charity shop. It's the Emperor's Lady', by F.W.Kenyon ..first printed in 1952.

Yes, That is me !!1

I have always liked British history { the social side }, and especially the Regency era. Now some of you may know Martin & I are in a small re~ enactment group , the East Norfolk Militia. We have immense fun doing this and have made many friends. This book has made me want to do a project , but have no time at present. I would like to do a very feminine criss cross card, but that will be later. I have however some pics to include today, and a card inspired by our group ..someone wants 2 similar ones made.

East Norfolk Militia


Hi, The post today is about which book I am reading at the moment, which is strange as I have'nt read a book for ages.....until the weekend when I saw this book in a charity shop ! Its 'The Emperor's Lady' by F.W Kenyon. As you may know, Martin & I are part of a re~enactment group the East Norfolk Militia, and I love the social history of the Regency era. This book has made me want to make something very feminine & lacy, so my project when I come back from holiday is to be a criss cross card.{ they seem to be popular at the moment}.


Yes, this is me !
  I have included pics of us playing parts ! and also a card which was inspired by the group.
Card made for a member.
Be very afraid !
Darth Vader inspects..
Our friend David trying his musket
I actually caught the flash.

Monday, 7 May 2012

DC prompt Day 7

Just home from work, and todays blog is about Bank holidays of yesteryear !{ a history lesson then }!
Martin & his dad

Me & Martin Primrose Hill London
My Nan & Dad
My Nan & Dad
When I was small, all I can remember is that other children {who's parents had a car} used to go off to the beach a lot. My Mum used to take my small sister Carol & me by bus on the August one. She used to take our lunch, & a plastic bag with a flannel in it . We had bucket and spade. At the bus station we always used to worry if the bus was going to be full as not many people had cars then, but if a bus was full, they used to roll another one out of the garage.The weather always seemed to be nice, & the Gt. Yarmouth beach glorious. The small childrens funfair was a treat for us, and the snail ride was the favourite. Mum had a tea in the cafe near the beach. My dad must have been working as he was never there { poor man}. No pics of those Bank holidays as dad was the photographer, but have included a few memories anyhow
Martin & family on our honeymoon { I took the pic}

Sunday, 6 May 2012

DC blog prompt

Haven't felt much like doing this for a while, since someone stole my camera to be precise. It seems to have knocked me more than I thought. Still here goes...My favourite photo { out of many }..
 Martin, light of my life...
I really hope to get better at this, & to make my blog worth looking at!
Hope you're all keeping well & speak to you soon.