Thursday, 12 April 2012

Scanned image.

I'm using a scanned image of a card I made for a fellow DC member { who will be 50} soon. I have used a gorgeous Tilda image Wendy Fraser { Papersniffer}, kindly gave me.
I'm having fun looking through you tube videos at the moment and have saved so many items that I will never have time to make them all! The weather here has been awful all week { wet }, and as I cycle it feels cold as well. Have a good weekend all, will post again soon.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

frenchie photo purse You Tube

I have just found this ladys' web site and copied her purse. You probably have done something like this before, but it's a new one for me.
I then wandered through her you tube  bits { whatever you call them }, and found enough new things to keep me busy for ages ! I would say that she left 1/4 inch for the fold and tp punch the holes, but I would leave a bit wider. I'm going to try 9x9 paper next, and oerhaps even 6x6.

Friday, 6 April 2012

No camera.

Just wanted to say for anyone looking at my blog, that I am unable to put any pics on here until I buy a new camera. This is because a thief broke into my house a few weeks ago and found mine to his/her liking! I do feel bitter as I work hard for what I earn !I have been making small boxes to put eggs in for this weekend following the DC creativity club downloads ..brilliant for a newish person to crafting or like me wanting to try new ideas out. The ones I did were triangle shaped made to look like a chicken.{ my sister & family love chicken run}.Hope you all have a wonderful weekend . I will not have time to comment on blogs, but will look at as many as I can for inspiration and to catch up on news. X Jean.
PS for those interested I have my re enactment dress and bonnet now along with a necklace like Jane Austens, stockings new shoes and shawl ..all ready for our first outing on 22 April for a pre St George's day event.