Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Not long till Christmas.!

OK, so now I can post a photo
just need to find out how to put
it the right way up !
At long last, {and you may think it wasn't worth waiting for } I have a card. I am in a challenge on the DC site by Snoflake where you make a Christmas card each week, and by the end most people will have all they need for personal use. I really needed to do this as I bought lots of cards last year and was a bit ashamed. This year I hope to use up stash laying around, and if I have any cards left they will go to a charity. This image was kindly given to me by a friend, thankyou.

1 comment:

  1. WHat a fantastic idea!!! I always think that I'm going to send my cards out right after T-giving and then procrastinate until a few days before Xmas sending out store bought ones. xo

    -pamela :)