Friday, 6 April 2012

No camera.

Just wanted to say for anyone looking at my blog, that I am unable to put any pics on here until I buy a new camera. This is because a thief broke into my house a few weeks ago and found mine to his/her liking! I do feel bitter as I work hard for what I earn !I have been making small boxes to put eggs in for this weekend following the DC creativity club downloads ..brilliant for a newish person to crafting or like me wanting to try new ideas out. The ones I did were triangle shaped made to look like a chicken.{ my sister & family love chicken run}.Hope you all have a wonderful weekend . I will not have time to comment on blogs, but will look at as many as I can for inspiration and to catch up on news. X Jean.
PS for those interested I have my re enactment dress and bonnet now along with a necklace like Jane Austens, stockings new shoes and shawl ..all ready for our first outing on 22 April for a pre St George's day event.


  1. Sorry to hear about your break -in Jean - some people eh? I hope you have a lovely Easter though - those boxes sound amazing! Hugs Rachel xx

  2. Sorry about the break in and the loss of your camera, it breaks your heart when they cannot keep their thieving hands off what does not belong to them. Do you have a scanner Jean???? if so at least you could show your wonderful cards. Hope you get a replacement soon. Chris xx