Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Hi, The post today is about which book I am reading at the moment, which is strange as I have'nt read a book for ages.....until the weekend when I saw this book in a charity shop ! Its 'The Emperor's Lady' by F.W Kenyon. As you may know, Martin & I are part of a re~enactment group the East Norfolk Militia, and I love the social history of the Regency era. This book has made me want to make something very feminine & lacy, so my project when I come back from holiday is to be a criss cross card.{ they seem to be popular at the moment}.


Yes, this is me !
  I have included pics of us playing parts ! and also a card which was inspired by the group.
Card made for a member.
Be very afraid !
Darth Vader inspects..
Our friend David trying his musket
I actually caught the flash.


  1. That looks like sooo much fun! My hubby has a history degree and my five year old son is fascinated with the past too. Super card too, I'm sure it was very well received. xx

  2. Wow! That is a different hobby.
    Thanks for Commenting on my blog re the docrafts blog prompts challenge.