Monday, 7 May 2012

DC prompt Day 7

Just home from work, and todays blog is about Bank holidays of yesteryear !{ a history lesson then }!
Martin & his dad

Me & Martin Primrose Hill London
My Nan & Dad
My Nan & Dad
When I was small, all I can remember is that other children {who's parents had a car} used to go off to the beach a lot. My Mum used to take my small sister Carol & me by bus on the August one. She used to take our lunch, & a plastic bag with a flannel in it . We had bucket and spade. At the bus station we always used to worry if the bus was going to be full as not many people had cars then, but if a bus was full, they used to roll another one out of the garage.The weather always seemed to be nice, & the Gt. Yarmouth beach glorious. The small childrens funfair was a treat for us, and the snail ride was the favourite. Mum had a tea in the cafe near the beach. My dad must have been working as he was never there { poor man}. No pics of those Bank holidays as dad was the photographer, but have included a few memories anyhow
Martin & family on our honeymoon { I took the pic}


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  2. I love your photos Jean, and the trip to the beach must have been just so much fun. Your poor dad, working while everyone else had fun.....I had the same thing, my dad was in the RAF and was away most of my childhood, living in places like Bahrein, while we had snowy winters, he had really hot ones. Thank you so much for sharing your memories they really do bring things to life.

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx

  3. Oh fab photo's of your family Jean...i have fond memories of holidays at Hemsby nr Great Yarmouth.. Thanks for sharing them

    Lorna xx

  4. Great memories and fab pics. I have so many happy childhood memories of Norfolk beaches, but usually the one further north. We used to get a treat of a cornetto from the ice cream hut at Brancaster! xx